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Best Cut Flower List

"Best Cut Flower List"
Omena Cut Flowers' Recommendations

All of these perform well in full sun. Many of them also do well in part shade. I've noted those that I know grow well in both levels of sun with an asterisk (*).

Early Season

    -Daffodils and tulips, of course! *
    -Foxglove "Strawberry Mertonensis" *
         Longest vase life
         "James Pillow" (pink)
         "Festiva Supreme" (white)
         "David Harum" (red)
         My personal favorite is the pink "Sarah Bernhardt." *

    -Lady's Mantle (great filler) *
    -Columbine *
    -Bearded Iris
    -Lupine (buy the Russell hybrids) *
    -Thrift: try Armeria "Joystick Red"
    -Painted daisies: get "James Kelway"
    - Lamb's Ear: pretty filler

    -Foxglove "Digitalis Purperia" *
    -Canterbury Bells (Campanula)
    -Sweet William (get the tall "Dianthus Barbatus") *


    -Shasta Daisies *
    -Lavender *
    -Monarda *
    -Liatris *
    -Asiatic lilies
    -Sea Holly (Eryngium) good filler
         best bets: "Giant Pacific"(very tall-need staking) and "Magic Fountains"

    - Campanula "persicifolia"

    - Larkspur: buy "Giant Imperial"
    -Snapdragons: buy "Rocket" for spikes tall enough for cutting

Late Season


    -Tansy: "Goldsticks" Can be invasive!

    -Scabiosa "Pincushion flower." Get the taller S. causasica for cutting

    -Purple Coneflower: buy "Magnus" for petals that won't droop

    -Veronica: buy "Speedwell" *

    -Rudbeckia: buy "Goldstrum" *

    -Phlox: White "David" and pink "Bright Eyes." *

    -Mums with tall stems

    -Japanese anemones: can be invasive!

    -Obedient plant: invasive!



    -Zinnias: buy any "Elegans" type. Try "Benary's Giants", "Oklahoma", "State Fair." *

    -Cosmos -will reseed. *


          My favorites

         Chocolate brown "Velvet Queen"

         "Sunrich Orange"

         "Sunrich Lemon"

          --Look for "pollenless varieties" that won't shed pollen. *


    -Rudbeckia "Indian Summer" (These come back for me if mulched and left undisturbed. *

    -Verbena Bonariensis -will reseed*

    -Salvia horminium: "Tri-color sage"

    -Coreopsis tinctoria (good filler) *

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